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Oh Hi, my name is Michal Jirků.

I'm a versatile Czech guy with passion for exploring small hidden worlds. My discoveries are manifested by converting various non-visual dimensions of these worlds like emotions, personal values, time and sound into visual representation.

I'm a graduate of Czech Technical University in Prague and Technical University in Berlin. My background is in robotics, computer science, management and transportation sciences. Throughout my years on university I have founded a non-profit organisation HackPrague and co-founded software and hardware lab RedCute Technologies.

Dynamic photopaintings

Dynamic photopaintings are images composed of around 100 single photos captured during a dynamic scene. This scene is usually a sunset or a sunrise. The resulting image is put together by a special algorithm I wrote myself. Thanks to this algorithm, 2-4 hours of the most beautiful period of the day are put into single astonishing image, where on the one side the scene is lively through the presence of day and on the other side the lights are shining through the darkness of night. I'm further using artificial intelligence, in this case neural networks, to detect monolithic areas in the image and strengthen certain patterns. This adds a painting like visual sensation and enhances the emotional perception emitted by the image.

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Photos and photopaintings

Photos and photopaintings are taken by me and are mostly from my travel expeditions. Some of the photos are processed with Artificial intelligence for an enhanced dreamlike atmosphere like at dynamic photopaintings above. The rest are post-processed photos without further change to the monolithic textures. When photographing, I try to capture moments filled with emotions. These are emotions which I feel when I see a wonderful panorama, emotions felt by other living beings or just objects telling an interesting story.

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Drawings & paintings